Ronnie and Scott Gooch


How it all started, and continues growing...

Ronnie and Scott had always loved art and collected and developed relationships with top award winning southern artists.  As a corporate event coordinator, Ronnie saw an opportunity to work as an art consultant to showcase the artwork of their favorite artists within the permanent collections of hotels and resorts.

As her art consulting business grew she created a concept of not only providing permanent artwork, but incorporating unique galleries of art inside hotels, resorts, historic inns and other unique venues.  This new gallery concept provided a vibrant amenity for guests to enjoy during their stay, and an opportunity to take artwork home when they departed.

The business expanded into ongoing art expos throughout the United States where specific art styles matched venues, adding an aquatic art expo in the Las Vegas headquarters of ATM of Animal Planet's "Tanked" and a sports art expo inside historic Cosby Sports at Madison Square Garden in NYC !

Ronnie's extensive expertise in global logistics, advertising, marketing and event coordination provide the senior management skills to implement any size project.  And with Scott's career experience as an international currency broker providing creative marketing assistance, they continue growing this unique gallery and consulting business.

Please let us know if you enjoyed the gallery and if we can provide you with any information.  And if you are interested in partnering to create a unique Gooch Gallery expo within your own venue we hope you will contact us.